Campground Rules & Regulations

  1. Please observe the posted speed limits:  15 MPH on the entrance road, 5 MPH on roads in the Campground and in the Parking Lots, etc.
  2. Camping means cleanliness at your campsite.  We ask that everyone make the effort to keep their site neat and attractive looking. Trash is to be placed in designated receptacles.
  3. Only one family (2 parents and 2 minor children) or 4 adults (no children) are allowed per site.
  4. Only registered campers and visitors are allowed in the campground.  All visitors must check-in at the Welcome Center.
  5. Quiet hours are between 10PM and 8AM.  Excessive noise at any time is not permitted. 
  6. No unregistered vehicles are allowed in the campground. Golf cart, ATVs, dirt bikes, etc is not permitted except in designated parking area.
  7. The number of cars per site is limited to 2.  Additional vehicles may be parked in the main lot.   Washing cars is not allowed.
  8. Parents are responsible for the behavior and safety of their children in the campground and are responsible at all times for their children's actions, behavior, language, damage or vandalism.  Minors must have a daily adult sponsor who accepts responsibility of the camping party.
  9. Health Department regulations require ALL WASTE WATER MUST BE COLLECTED IN A CLOSED CONTAINER. (This includes dish water) NO grey/black water is allowed to be discharged on the ground at any time.
  10. Excessive drinking/intoxication, or drug use will not be tolerated, and are grounds for immediate ejection.
  11. Alcoholic beverages need to be confined to your site.  No kegs of beer are allowed in the campground.
  12. Please do not use nails, hooks, screws, etc. in trees unless permission has been granted by the management.
  13. Camp Fires: Fires are limited to fire pits, on site, and must be attended at all times. If conditions are dry and windy, please ask the office before lighting. All fires must be extinguished by 11:00pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends. For safety reasons, SB RV Park management reserves the right to limit or ban campfire when deemed necessary to do so.
  14. Electric heaters, outside refrigerators, add-on air conditioners and appliances are not allowed.